Friday, 23 June 2017

Not on my watch campaign to be launched

Youth Towards Excellence (YTE) will be launching their “Not on my watch” fight against Gender Based Violence campaign on Saturday. The campaign comprises of two aims which are ‘school based interventions’ such as workshops, peer to peer education and presentations to deal with Gender Based Violence from the roots, and the second one is to advocate for a ‘month of youth against Gender Based Violence’ which will see the youth leading in all activities that deal with Gender Based Violence in order to raise a generation that will not watch as their fellow people get violated.
Youth towards Excellence is an NGO that develop leadership skills and advocates for women’s rights, as well as educating the community about issues affecting women and children. The ‘Not on my Watch’ campaign manager Ms Katlego Sengadi says this campaign is necessary because there are still some cases of Gender Based Violence that happen in the public eye, and people tend to look the other way or just watch without defending the victims.
“With reference to the Gaborone Bus rank incident, there were many people at the bus rank at the time the young lady was violated. Everybody stood there watching, some laughing and some cursing. It was so disheartening to see that no one protected that young lady. It makes you wonder what kind of society we have created, where no one is protected, a society where men and women can laugh as one of their own kind is being violated, a society where Gender Based Violence is so “normal” that it can happen in the eyes of the public and no one stops it’, she exclaims.
Sengadi further highlights how the Bus Rank incident proves just how common Gender Based Violence is and how much culture in a way allows for it to happen.
“Botswana is a society deeply rooted on patriarchal ideologies which means, society/culture puts much emphasis on a man’s masculinity and power over his woman. These ideologies have led to high levels of domestic violence in our country. However, exact statistics are still hard to know because people do not report to the relevant authorities whenever they are being abused. If you are a woman and you leave your home because you are abused the cultural stereotype is that, ‘o paletswe ke lwapa, o re tlhabisa ditlhong, batho ba tla reng?’if you are a man, ‘ga o monna tia, o bokoa”, she adds.
YTE team during a wellness session where they announced their campaign launch

She says that young people need to take charge in creating a better society for the upcoming generation.
We want to create a society where people are empowered enough to know that it is not right to show power or domination over a woman by violating them. We also want a society where a man can come out to say they are being violated without their masculinity being questioned.” she says.

Sengadi says they want men at the forefront of the campaign because they are highly the perpetrators of Gender Based Violence and having them on board will help spread the massage because it is easier for men to relate to one another. She further explains that this also for men to drop the idea that power over women is a sign of masculinity and learn that masculinity can still be demonstrated in respectful and healthy ways.
"This is a way to engage men in a constructive and a non-confronting way. Through this campaign we hope to engage everyone in the society in the fight against Gender Based Violence. The only way we can win the fight against GBV is if all leaders and stakeholders invest heavily into a national response to GBV. Through our month of Youth Against GBV , we want to engage youth beyond the 16 days of activism against GBV so that every single day is a fight against GBV that will make everyday a chance to save a life”, she highlights.

Sengadi advices thus, “There is nothing right about staying in a relationship where you see your life is being threatened. GBV does not come without warning, today it is a slap on the face, tomorrow it is a smash against the wall and the next day your life will be lost. There are so many places you can get help from. Talk to someone you trust. It is better to leave an unhealthy relationship with a broken heart because with time you will heal. Death however, is not reversible."

The launch will start from 0830 am with a march to the bus rank, followed by an aerobics session by Shakes Ranna of Sunday Wellness, and an address by Ame Mokoba of The Journey Television show.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

She found a loophole in her trials

Ms Chaikhwa Lobatse- A Game Changer is someone who leads change.   

Ms Chaikhwa Lobatse during one of their support Group talks

Chaikhwa Nani Lobatse’s life changed four years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer, years later after chemo therapy and her leg being amputated she has now survived what she defines as her biggest challenge. The 25 years old Nurse and 2016 Mandela Washington fellow, describes herself as a cancer and disability activist.Inspired by her own survival story, Ms Lobatse and her colleagues found it fit to start a cancer support group in Serowe with the mandate of supporting cancer patients and their caregivers and raising awareness on cancer so that people in her community can get early detection of cancer.

When she was diagnosed with cancer, Lobatse says she was in shock, but eventually she accepted the news, more especially because of the support she got from family, her colleagues and friends. This change brought about a lot of positivity in her life one of them being able to help those that have been diagnosed with cancer through their cancer support group. She says their biggest achievement as a cancer support group is when they had a cancer commemoration day which invited cancer survivors who shared their survival testimonies.
“It was quite an emotional event, and yet inspiring”, she highlights.
Lobatse is one of the outstanding young people who received a youth award this year for best youth promoting health and Well Being, and she has also been chosen for the 2017 Queen’s Young Leaders Award which she will receive in the United Kingdom.There is no doubt this young lady is a community builder, and she confesses that she is inspired by women who progress in life, has vision and have dedicated their lives to being Game Changers.
“Such women inspire me a lot, they motivate me to do more’’, she explains.
Lobatse underlines how she faces a lot of challenges in her life but she does not let them get her down.
“I see challenges as a stepping stone to greater things. That is how I am able to overcome challenges because I do not see them as negative things trying to pull me done”, she proudly pronounces.
                                                     Ms Chaikhwa Lobatse during one of their cancer campaigns
Lobatse says their aim as a cancer support group is to raise cancer awareness in Serowe and surrounding areas, but because of financial challenges that they face they cannot cover the surrounding areas, but that does not stop them from fulfilling their mission since they always make donations themselves to sponsor their events.
She further highlights that since her cancer diagnosis, she has had more opportunities in her life than before.
“It was a very big challenge for me, but it opened a lot of doors for me”, she says.
Chaikhwa utters that the Ministry of Health is really trying a lot to raise awareness on cancer as the Ministry’s priority is tackling the most common cancers in Botswana which are breast cancer and cervical cancer, but as individuals we need to do more to help in this fight.
“I urge Batswana to get informed about cancer, and not see cancer as a death sentence. Let Non- Government Organizations, individuals collaborate and raise awareness on cancer, and for Organizations to sponsor campaigns that are cancer related”, she suggests.
Facts about Chaikhwa (what she says)
Chaikhwa’s bucket list
*To get married and have my own family
*Get a Masters Degree in Oncology Nursing by 30years
*Own a nursing home and establish an organization that empowers the girl child and people living with disabilities.
Three People who inspire Chaikhwa
*My mother-She is a strong woman
*Dorcus Makgato- She is a hard worker, and always manages to turn the negative into a positive.
*Everyone who balances family with work-These people know that family needs them more than their daily jobs.
Chaikhwa’s best childhood memory
*When I passed my PSLE with an A and my late brother gave me P50.00 and a goat.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Empowering the less privileged

Ms Makgarebe Boipelo Nthoiwa donating sanitary towels

Ms Makgarebe Boipelo Nthoiwa describes herself as a purpose driven woman, a humanitarian at heart, a catalyst for development and a change agent. This is proved to be true, not only because of her words but her humanitarian deeds that she has portrayed by helping orphans and vulnerable children through projects such as Miss Bright Future beauty pageant, Thusa ngwana wa mosetsana and metako. Metako project is an early childhood program which targets kids aged two and half to five years. It basically targets those kids who come from disadvantaged backgrounds as their parents cannot manage to enrol them for day care centres due to financial challenges. Operation Thusa Ngwana wa Mosetsana is a sanitary towel campaign for a girl child. This was started to uplift and empower young women and offer a dignified solution to managing their menstrual cycle followed by provision of sanitary towels.
Ms Makgarebe Nthoiwa is a young woman who has dedicated her life to helping those less fortunate and says the Miss Bright Future pageant, targets orphans and vulnerable children.“I am passionate about social development issues affecting youth, especially the girl child, which I strongly believe form a critical role of my calling assignments. I help these young girls to fulfil their hidden talents and dreams through organising camps, motivational events and offer career guidance for them.” she enthusiastically translates.
Miss Bright Future 2017 finalists

Ms Nthoiwa utters that after realising that orphans and vulnerable children always lack self-confidence due to the challenges they face on their daily lives, she established Miss Bright Future pageant in order to help them boost their confidence.She further states that “The theme for this year’s pageant is YES I CAN, meaning that despite challenges they face,the  sky is the limit, and that Yes their Future is Bright as long as they work hard to achieve their dreams and not let their challenges dim their dreams.”

She is not prone to challenges as she outlines that not having enough resources is the biggest challenge she faces. She further explains that sometimes she gets invitations from different schools, more especially concerning Operation thusa ngwana wa mosetsana.“It hurts to turn these invitations down due to financial constraints. One of the challenges is lacking enough sanitary towels donations to give out to the girls. I rely most on donations to assist our girls.” she adds.
Operation ngwana wa mosetsana donations

She says that as much as they are challenges, what inspires her to go on is the fact that every day she does something that puts a smile on someone’s life and changes children’s lives.“One of my defining moment was a time when our Queen from Miss Bright Future 2016 said YES to her future by being the best overall student in her school, and one student from Metako project became the best student in grade one. I am talking about a child who has never enrolled for preschool but just a simple ordinary Metako project”, she vividly states.
This young lady is of the belief that more needs to be done in raising awareness on issues of sexual abuse, and they should be formation of circle support groups. She further underlines that there should also be provision of free sanitary towels in schools for every girl child so that girls do not miss school because of lack of sanitary pads.
Ms Nthoiwa advices thus to her fellow youth “No candle loses its light while lighting another candle. So never stop sharing and helping others because it makes your life more meaningful. You will always face challenges on your road. When you get criticized, do not get upset. Always remember that no stones are thrown on a fruitless tree. It certainly is that you have fruits that attract attention.”

Facts about Boipelo (What she says)
Name three things that people do not know about Boipelo...
*Afraid of Heights
*Cry easily
*I love dancing, bring any type of dance I will show you better

Boipelo’s bucket list
*Own a Foundation that basically addresses issues faced by orphans and vulnerable children
*Open an academy which is specifically aimed at unleashing talents of youth ( performing arts school)
*Continue bringing light to other people 

Three people who inspire Boipelo
*My mother
*Professor Sheila Tlou
*All people who never stop making a difference towards those who cannot do anything forthem in return.

Boipelo’s best childhood memory?
Being given award for the best athlete in 100m

Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Trailblazer

                                                                        Natasha Siku

Ms Natasha Siku is one of the young people that have set a mark for themselves, and has proved beyond reasonable doubt that there is no dream too high for reach. Defining herself as ‘a dreamer’ and a ‘go getter’ goes to show that this young lady does not only dream big, but puts in the work to reach her dreams.

Ms Natasha Siku is the owner of the brand ‘Natasha Siku-From Botswana to the world’ and founder of Opportunities without Boarders, a Non-Government organization that creates awareness, and bridges the gap on opportunities available in other countries. She says what provoked her to start such an organization was when she witnessed a lot of people struggling to pursue their dreams because of lack of resources, and recalls also facing the same challenges when she tried to pursue her dreams. 
“It hurts me that people’s dreams are within reach but they have no access to them. Natasha Siku to the world was inspired by the fact that we have limited ourselves so much as Batswana because we think that someone else can do a better job than us. I challenged myself to prove that notion wrong, so I am going out to the world to show that we are capable and are as good as everyone else.” she adds.
Natasha Siku to the world in Mexico

The tenacious Natasha states that through her organization they have managed to build a network between the United States and Botswana, and also help four successful tennis players get scholarships to play in American colleges. Ms Siku reveals that the community is in need of their services, but they have a challenge because they only operate online and are not able to help as much people as they want. She adds that if only they had a structure in Botswana, then they could have a huge impact, for now they try to help as much as they can. Her future plans is to continue making a difference in her community by inspiring over a million people and have her organization financially sponsor talent.

Her background was not all simple, but that didn’t stop her to dream, in fact it brought about the tenacity in her to conquer the world. She confesses that when she was growing up she was bothered with the way people from her community were comfortable with living an average life, no one dared to dream big and do great exploits as they only looked out to get jobs and depend on government schemes.
“I didn't come from a rich family so of course finances were the biggest challenge but that had no bearing on where I wanted to go. I realized that this is not the reality that I want and I will not settle for it, that is why I took it upon myself to make the change and pursue something that was completely out of everyone’s comfort zone and comprehension.” she states

She alludes that if she was to be president she’d give people a fair opportunity to own businesses so that there is diversity instead of tying everyone down to their only business hope being by the government thus erasing the entitlement mentality as it has badly affected the nation.
“Instead of giving grants, I would advocate for these businesses to help create jobs and encourage independence. For me that is empowerment, empowerment is not hand outs. Once these jobs are there, I would want people from as early as 16 years old to start working.” she vividly pronounces.

“Every day is an achievement because we get to change someone’s life, achievements are not the big things that have been done but rather the gradual small differences we make in other people’s lives. Every day, someone’s fire to dream is ignited and they strive to improve themselves. The biggest achievement is hearing someone say that we have changed their lives and inspired them to be better, dream bigger and pursue their dreams”, she vivaciously states.
She says what keeps her going is planning ahead, yet taking each day as it comes and not forgetting why she started her organization. She advices thus “You are you and there is no one like you. Go after everything you want and don't come back until you have it. People will always think they know what is best for you but you are the only one who knows what you want. Never ignore that feeling, though scary, pursue it. It will be worth every pain. Do you and focus on getting better every single day.”

Facts about Natasha (What she says)
Three things people do not know about Natasha
*My father is Angolan (deceased)
*I hate walking barefoot (I used that strong word to emphasize how much I dislike it)
*I am a natural athlete, give me any sport and I will excel in it.

Natasha’s bucket list
*To live my best life every single day! 

Three people that inspire Natasha
*My mother- for being my mother who did everything she could for me. There is nothing that keeps me going than knowing that I want to give her what she wants and deserves.
*Aron Anderson -is a man from Sweden who overcame different types of cancer and lost his leg mobility but continued to do what normal people cannot do. He is just an amazing man and if he didn't let cancer and a wheelchair stop him, what can stop me?
*The last is people in general- We are always looking for successful and rich people to inspire us when we have stories right in front of us. The people I meet and interact with everyday inspire me simply because everyone has something unique to offer and there is always something to learn. 

Natasha’s best childhood memory
Being with family, It is hard being so far away from them and I have come to truly appreciate them and the role they have played in my life but other than that, I miss my primary school and junior school days (some of the best days of my life) as well as playing tennis in Notwane and just being a kid on my street.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Untainted Beauty

Ms Carole Ngisi

It is rare to see young ladies preaching the message of abstinence, let alone be practicing it. In an era where it has become a norm for girls and ladies to trade their bodies for gifts, money and men’s affection, one ought to commend the ones that are still keeping the old fashioned tradition of waiting until marriage to have sex.

Miss Carole Ngisi dares to be different. A dedicated and self determined young lady, is the founder of EMA girls Association-an organization that preaches the message of abstinence and empowering young girls to use their God-given talents to reach their utmost potential.EMA is a setswana word which has two meanings, ‘stand up’ and ‘wait’. With so much glitter in her eyes, Carole utters that “Its time young girls stand up and take responsibility of their lives, and also wait until marriage to be sexual active.”
What brought about the initiative of establishing such an association was when she heard the alarming pregnancy rate in schools, she says she had to do something since she herself managed to preserve herself until now, what more of young girls?“I thought maybe it would take someone like me to form a movement that inspires young girls not only to abstain, but to be the best version of themselves”, highlights the vivacious Carole.

Ngisi says they have had quite a number of school visitations preaching about abstinence, in February they had a session in which 747 girls attended, and have hosted three successful events with ladies aged 19 years and above, and the feedback was quite touching."I can’t assure you that all of them were changed but I am sure that a huge percentage of them were changed, and that is an achievement”, she boasts.
Carole says as an association one of their biggest achievement was presenting, and being one of the hopefuls for the ‘Best Project Practice’ award at the Gender Links SADC protocol at work summit. She explains that it was a great opportunity and achievement even though they didn’t get the award.

There are challenges that comes with trying to make a change in your community, and with EMA girls Miss Ngisi states that there has been a lot of positive feedback about their association, people appreciate what they are doing, but they still have not gotten the exposure they need, particularly from the relevant stakeholders such as the Ministry of Basic Education.“We have a lot of invitations from schools facing high rates of school drop outs all over Botswana and it saddens us to have to postpone or turn these invitations down due to financial constraints. At the moment we fund our school visitations through monthly subscriptions, but the truth of the matter is every day as we fold our arms waiting for a response from potential funders, a young girl engages in sexual intercourse or falls pregnant. We once visited a school, and the school assigned a council car to transport us back, if that could be a formal arrangement we would be able to have more sessions.”, she suggests.
“As an individual my biggest challenge was having quite a number of siblings at a young age. I had them looking up to me and expecting me to be a role model when I myself needed one. Today I am a big sister to many young girls all over Botswana whom we have had sessions with and had it not been for the responsibility I had at a tender age I wouldn’t know how to care for, love and live for the sake of others. I have dedicated my life to bettering lives of young girls and all that is because of the events of my childhood."

When this tenacious young lady is not changing many girls’ lives, she is busy pursuing her talent and passion for pageantry. She enthusiastically highlights how she has always loved pageants since she was a child, as she would join community pageants in her home village. Last year she joined Miss Botswana, and says the journey was quite exciting and is thankful for the experience. She believes there is a lot that needs to change, as Botswana pageantry has lost meaning as it is no longer about raising confidence in young girls and letting them use their beauty, brains and hands to make an impact in their community. “Sadly pageants are slowly becoming money making schemes and just mere routine, and until we go back to the roots of why pageantry was formed we would not find placement in international pageants, she sadly states.

Her advice to the youth is “You have the inspiration and it is in your heart. Go for it, you can never have enough resources or be old enough, but you can be courageous enough to be or do whatever you wish to do, so don’t give it anything less than your best.”

Facts about Carole (What she says)
Three things people do not know about Carole
*I am a first born child
*I love dancing, but I am horrible at it
*I don’t watch horror movies

Carole’s bucket list
*Get another qualification
*Grow and expand my business
*Publish a book
Three people who inspire Carole
*My mom-she is a fighter
*The Franklins (writers of ‘the wait’)-They waited until marriage to have sex. That is inspiring and shows that it is possible
*Myself-I work so hard, I am positive and driven. It inspires me that sometimes I just want to do things that are building and life changing.
Carole’s best childhood memory
*One prize giving ceremony I got awards for eight subjects out of nine. It was great seeing my mother and grandmother so proud.

Friday, 10 February 2017

A pearl of her generation-The Agric Maniac

Ms Pearl Ranna- A Game Changer is someone who does what people think is impossible by paving a way for development in their respected field and leading people to where they ought to be. You have to be different in a way that people feel your presence even when you are not there. To leave a mark and never be forgotten for the change you brought to life and the people you have been able to help by re-writing the rules, the way God wants you to. A game-changer is wired differently.

                                                                     Pearl Ranna

Pearl Ranna does not fit the typical farmer look, but it seems she does not follow the rules that society has set. As a young person, and a woman she has surely broken the rules as she is the Director of Unitech Farming, and currently working on a Community development initiatives both national and global as their social entrepreneurship objectives.  Only 24 years old, yet she has established her name in the Agriculture sector, as she is known for organizing the first ever Women in Farming Expo last year. Pearl is such a determined young lady, and a treasure in the development of our country through Agriculture.

The Unitech Farming Director confesses that she actually hated farming at first, but her mother introduced her to farming and urged her to do more research and she was quite enthralled with what she found out, and that is how it all started. 
Currently studying her Masters of Science in Agriculture and Rural Development , she believes that with the knowledge she is acquiring, she will bring back a different perspective on how the Agricultural industry can be made more sustainable, and Botswana more food secure in order to address the issue of poverty and hunger.
 “There is so much that needs to be done with adopting farming systems and techniques that are safe for our environment while adapting to Climate Change and being efficient with the resources that we use on a day to day basis. But it all begins with involving all the necessary stakeholders beginning with farmers and building our way up to sustainable agricultural development and increasing food production.”, she translates.
 Pearl Ranna is anything but average, but she says that was not always the case as she used to believe she was not smart since she was a slow learner. Even thou she put more effort in her studies, her grades were not pleasing.
 “All my friends and relatives did better than me and it made me feel like I did not belong in the field of academics hence why I resulted into Sports. But luckily I did well in High school enough to proceed to tertiary, and that is where I fell in love with Business Entrepreneurship since I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. The love I had rebuilt my confidence and I felt a sense of belonging as I now knew I wanted to be a business woman when I completed my studies. “, she gloats.

With the potential to become anything, Pearl Ranna says if she was to be president she would invest more in the Agriculture sector especially Research and Development, Improve and enlarge the Manufacturing Industry and Introduce more sustainable and lucrative international export markets for Local products and services. This resilient young lady considers that Agricultural Investment is really lacking in the Agricultural Industry, and further stresses that Investing in Agriculture can result in the quality of agricultural resource improvement because some activities become less labour-intensive thus improving the quality and quantity of production.  
“Another benefit is supplying raw materials for manufacturing and processing can improve other sectors and improve the economy. It’s important to note that without agricultural investment, people will continue to suffer from hunger in rural areas, and this is also necessary to improve the livelihoods of Batswana. Agriculture is a sector that does not only involve farming but there is a whole long value chain that benefits from the primary sector activities and without them, our markets will continue to fail and external costs and factors will also rise and have a negative impact on things such as food prices, farm lands being neglected, farmers getting into more debt and an increase in our current food import bill”, she states.

Ranna further states that learning something new every day feeds her soul with inspiration to do something, and  in the next five years, she is determined to have obtained a PhD Degree, and be a female Leader for both Youth and Women, in the Farming Sector.  She advises that “to be great does not come as easy as having an idea, but you need to get up and do it or else someone else will do it before you.”

Fun facts about Pearl (What she says)
Name three things that people do not know about Pearl...
*Even though people know I am a black belt, I hate fighting.
*I have a fear of watching animals being slaughtered
*I don’t eat Pork, Goat and Sheep

Pearl’s bucket list...
*To get a placement in the World Food Program or United Nations Environmental Program in a country experiencing extreme poverty and hunger
*To enrol for a PhD study
*To buy a Holiday house in Greece

Three people who inspire Pearl
*The late Evelyn Nguleka – she was the Zambian National Farmers Union President and the World Food Organization President. I love the fact that she is a Woman who had great leadership skills in the Farming industry and did an outstanding job both on a National and International level, and at the same time being a farmer and Business Woman.

*My Mother – She has grown to be my best friend, my mentor and I have learnt a lot from her especially being confident and believing in myself even when no one else did, she has stood by me in every situation of life, and when it was time for me to become a strong independent woman, she stood by me and let me do everything she has taught me all my life.

*My Father – When I was young I saw my dad leave his job and start his own business, of ‘course it was not easy but his passion and determination to do great and achieve his goals taught me a lot in life about not giving up in your dreams and having faith even when everyone doesn’t support your decision or believe in you. I continue to look up to him because he constantly reminds me of how strong, precious and rare I am just like my name ‘’Pearl’’ and this alone gives me enough courage to turn all my dreams into reality.

Best childhood memory
*Singing and dancing for my late Grandmother

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

“Greatness is determined by service”

Unami Moatswi- “Being a Game changer means having the freedom of thought, being true to yourself and actually doing more than you talk. It means being able to walk into doors that you never thought you can and leaving the door open so that the masses can see how it is done and how they can do even better.”

Unami Moatswi

Today on our Game Changers, we meet our extraordinaire young woman, who is prove that determination and hard work are key to achieving your dreams, all this coupled with a spirit of volunteerism. Growing up having body image issues, Unami has sure blossomed into a confident inspirational young woman that a lot of young people can learn from.
Unami Moatswi is a Chevening scholar and a Mandela Washington fellow, you can just tell from this two prestigious awards that she is a force to recon with, because it is not just anyone that can receive these two awards. Ms Unami describes herself as a feminist, and her mission in life is to be an example to younger women and show them that “you can be whoever you want to be and still have a conscious.” One thing that is fascinating about this young lady is that she believes and is ambitious enough to have dreams beyond the sky.
Let’s look at how it all began for this young mother, Unami says growing up  without her father around was tough and she struggled with body image issues and sometimes her peers made her feel uncomfortable in her own skin. Looking back, Unami says “now I see how ridiculous that was” and she encourages parents to get to know their kids, and tell them they are good enough.
This young lady didn’t let her circumstances define her and has made a mark for herself by helping others by volunteering. She is a co-founder of young 1ove, a grassroots organisation scaling randomised control trial programs, and she has worked there as a partnership manager. She reveals that at young 1ove they have worked in public schools to scale an anti-intergenerational relationship project. Her role at this organisation required her to establish, and manage partnerships with relevant ministries.
She states that she draws inspiration from a lot of people, her son being at the top of the list. “My son is a source of everything I do because of the legacy I want to leave behind. I am inspired by the thousands of women that have worked hard to get us to where we are and they are never acknowledged.  I am inspired by women cleaners that show up daily before 6am to tidy office and school buildings and never complain and yet we complain about everything. ”Dr King said, ‘Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service’, so I encourage everyone to continue being themselves and giving their time and everything will fall into place.”
She goes on to state that her outstanding achievement is being able to be a breadwinner for her family and son, whilst pursuing her Master’s Degree in a foreign land. “It is not easy, but hey it’s been 11 months now and here I am, still going.”
 She reveals that one of her most defining moment was when she quit her job to further her studies.
“This meant leaving a salary that supported my family, leaving my 2 year old and hopping on a plane to London, London! A mega city far away from home, far from my comfort zone. It was a risk, but I opened my eyes and took it and it has paid off.”

Unami is currently an intern at Mother2mothers London office, which is an unpaid role that requires her to support the European Communications and Partnership Manager with company research. She also volunteers on numerous organisations, which include Royal Commonwealth Society as an associate, Queen’s young leaders as an advisory mentor, a role she has had for 2 years. Unami describes her experience in London as phenomenal. “I have no regrets, this fall under my best decision in life. I have met so many people, learnt new cuisines and travelled. It has been amazing and a good time to grow personally and professionally”, she says.
She also believes that change is something we all hope to do but it is not easy because it requires willingness to change, change of perception, and change of systems. She believes a person can only do what they can and together we can do much more. “If I were to be president, I would legislate a 50% of parliament, parastatals boards with the available and capable women, raise the minimum wage, legislate profiling of sexual offenders, reduce the retirement age to 55 and sign the SADC gender protocol.”

We haven’t heard the last of Unami, as she has a few things up her sleeve in order to achieve her life’s mission of inspiring young women.“There’s a project on the pipeline that people should look forward to. I am working with an all women team to promote women in political leadership and safe spaces for women to thrive, she says.
“The book of Proverbs 16:3 says commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. So I have trusted the lord with my plans, and I want to keep it that way but all I can say is that God is not done with me yet, she concludes.

 Fun Facts about Unami (What she says) 
*I am not Kalanga
* I am an introvert
Unami’s bucket list (what she says)
* I want to skydive
* I wish to travel Far East (Beijing, Kuwait)
*I want to own a house(s)
* I want to meet Angela Merkel and Thuli Madonsela.
People who inspire Unami (what she says) 
* Thuli Madonsela
* Kgomotso Motlotle
*Joy Phumaphi 
“They represent all things we can aspire; strength, integrity and bold leadership. I admire their continuance to lead from a place of truth.“
Unami’s best childhood memory (what she says
“I think it has to be one time when we were living in Dukwi refugee camp and so my aunt cooked dumplings, we had lunch and my cousins did not finish theirs and we decided to throw them away. My aunt went to the trash can, picked the dumplings and washed them, we had those for dinner (lol). A valuable lesson there we learnt that day.”